Amy Trulock

Future Librarian, Class of 2012

And so it begins…

10 years after graduating with my BA in English, I am finally starting graduate school.

Returning to college after a few years of adult life behind me, and settled into a rent-controlled apartment, I opted for an online graduate school program via San Jose State University. Regardless of where my life’s path takes me, I can take my education with me… that is, at least until I decide to go for a PhD.

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. Sally Struthers commercials kept flashing through my head, as did the Owl Correspondence School song from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

”Owl Correspondence School / Dear O-C-S…”

However, now that I’ve got a fancy new headset and look like the Time-Life operator I’m realizing that there’s a difference between correspondence courses and distance learning. I’m actually interacting more with faculty and fellow students in this environment than I did in my undergraduate studies. Granted, back then I was also experiencing my first taste of adult freedom and might have valued socializing over learning.

For the first semester, I am taking the basics (in addition to the pre-requisite “Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools”): Information & Society, Information Retrieval, and Information Organizations & Management. Here’s hoping that I still remember how to write an academic paper!

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