Amy Trulock

Future Librarian, Class of 2012

And so it begins…again!

Though this is my final year in the SJSU SLIS program, today marks the start of the journey for all new students. As a LIBR 203 Peer Mentor I am excited to share this time with you all!

You can read a bit about my personal life in my blog’s sidebar. However, to give a deeper understanding of my educational background, here is a list of courses that I’ve taken so far in my time as a library student:

  • LIBR 200: Information and Society
  • LIBR 202: Information Retrieval
  • LIBR 203: Online Technology Tools
  • LIBR 204: Information Organization and Management
  • LIBR 210: Reference
  • LIBR 246: Web 2.0
  • LIBR 248: Cataloging & Classification
  • LIBR 260A: Children’s Programming & Services
  • LIBR 281: Diversity Issues in Information Environments
  • LIBR 282: Correctional Libraries Management
  • LIBR 282: Grant Writing
  • LIBR 284: Oral History
  • LIBR 285: Research Methods – Youth Services Evaluation

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2 thoughts on “And so it begins…again!

  1. Are you doing a portfolio or thesis? It’d be great to hear about that decision process from someone nearly done with the program.

    • Originally, I wanted to pursue a thesis. However, after talking with a few professors I am opting for the ePortfolio. Since I will be graduating without having a previous position in a library, it was suggested that the ePortfolio would be a better showcase for all that I’ve learned in the SLIS program. While a thesis could make me a better candidate for PhD program (an eventual goal of mine), my first goal upon graduation will be to get a job. Of course, there are no guarantees either way!

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