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Anonymous paper sculptures in Scotland’s libraries – Boing Boing




Anonymous paper sculptures in Scotland’s libraries – via Boing Boing. Sarah Utter – Guybrarian







First, Sarah Utter created the “Reading is Sexy” shirt, then came “Future Librarian”. Now all you guybrarians out there have your own! BTW, there’s a $10 sale on until Thursday, and “Future Librarian” is going to be mine! ( Sarah Utter – Guybrarian)

NYPL Student Planner 2011/2012

Behold: My last student planner, ever… until it’s PhD time, that is!

Our Book Club


OUR BOOK CLUB Archival 8X10 Print by trafalgarssquare on Etsy

Future Librarian

via hyp:

Future Librarian Kids Shirt Sarah Utter

Most Beautiful Bookstore

Most beautiful bookstore – Buenos Aires’s Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid – via Boing Boing

I guess this means I need to buy a pantsuit now…

Over-the-hill college students « Awful Library Books

You just can’t trust the discards at the Friends of the Library bookstore!

More cute lit art on Etsy: Birds in a Book Club Limited Edition Print by barkingbirdart

Bookbook – Bookbook – Twelve South

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