Amy Trulock

Future Librarian, Class of 2012

NYPL Student Planner 2011/2012

Behold: My last student planner, ever… until it’s PhD time, that is!

Kate Hepburn, Reference Librarian

Kate Hepburn, Reference Librarian (Desk Set, 1957):

Remind me to take my passport to the library…

Haskell Free Library & Opera House sits directly on the US/Canada border. Thinking of sneaking into the country hidden in a stack of books? Think again! Check out their warnings here:  Haskell Free Library and Opera House.

And so it begins…again!

Though this is my final year in the SJSU SLIS program, today marks the start of the journey for all new students. As a LIBR 203 Peer Mentor I am excited to share this time with you all!

You can read a bit about my personal life in my blog’s sidebar. However, to give a deeper understanding of my educational background, here is a list of courses that I’ve taken so far in my time as a library student:

  • LIBR 200: Information and Society
  • LIBR 202: Information Retrieval
  • LIBR 203: Online Technology Tools
  • LIBR 204: Information Organization and Management
  • LIBR 210: Reference
  • LIBR 246: Web 2.0
  • LIBR 248: Cataloging & Classification
  • LIBR 260A: Children’s Programming & Services
  • LIBR 281: Diversity Issues in Information Environments
  • LIBR 282: Correctional Libraries Management
  • LIBR 282: Grant Writing
  • LIBR 284: Oral History
  • LIBR 285: Research Methods – Youth Services Evaluation

Linking Google Scholar to Library Holdings

It’s no secret that I love having access to the numerous online databases available from being a student at a university library. Google Scholar is another great search engine for finding journal articles. However, Google Scholar is missing the full access to articles that one can get from being part of an academic institution. That problem can be solved by linking your academic library with your Google account, enabling you to see if the article is available from your library. You can view the tutorial from SJSU King Library here: Customizing Google Scholar | San José State University Library.

2e Resources for Parents, Educators, and Twice-Exceptional Students

Children that have above-average intelligence, yet also have a disability are considered “twice-exceptional”, or 2e. This LibGuide I created for LIBR 210 (Reference & Information Services) focuses on resources available in the Los Angeles area, though the information is pertinent nationwide.

2e Resources for Parents, Educators, and Twice-Exceptional Students – CampusGuides SLIS at Springshare

Save the US Statistical Abstract!

When government publications disappear… « RIPS Law Librarian Blog


Academics : Technology

K-12: Electronic Typewriter

Undergraduate: Word Processor

Graduate: Online Distance Education

Our Book Club


OUR BOOK CLUB Archival 8X10 Print by trafalgarssquare on Etsy

One language down, thousands to go!

Apple Teams Up To Use iPhone To Save Cherokee Language


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