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Goodreads | SJSU SLIS Reads

Attention all future librarians! Who else is on Goodreads and is interested in meeting other fellow SJSU SLIS students? I just joined last month and discovered that there is a SJSU SLIS Reads group. Join me?

Hack Your Program – San Jose State University SLIS (Online) « Hack Library School

Looking for more feedback from other fellow/former SLIS students? Check out the blog by Brian McManus (& comments) at: Hack Your Program – San Jose State University SLIS (Online) « Hack Library School.

And so it begins…again!

Though this is my final year in the SJSU SLIS program, today marks the start of the journey for all new students. As a LIBR 203 Peer Mentor I am excited to share this time with you all!

You can read a bit about my personal life in my blog’s sidebar. However, to give a deeper understanding of my educational background, here is a list of courses that I’ve taken so far in my time as a library student:

  • LIBR 200: Information and Society
  • LIBR 202: Information Retrieval
  • LIBR 203: Online Technology Tools
  • LIBR 204: Information Organization and Management
  • LIBR 210: Reference
  • LIBR 246: Web 2.0
  • LIBR 248: Cataloging & Classification
  • LIBR 260A: Children’s Programming & Services
  • LIBR 281: Diversity Issues in Information Environments
  • LIBR 282: Correctional Libraries Management
  • LIBR 282: Grant Writing
  • LIBR 284: Oral History
  • LIBR 285: Research Methods – Youth Services Evaluation

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